We all know that when dealing with Firearms training is essential. Knowing basic shooting technics and knowing the equipment that you use are vital to both safety and a good marksman.

Not everyone can find or has time to go to a class or receive one on one instruction. So, what do we do? Alternatives exist out there for online education and training. Please note, this is never a substitute for quality in person training but certainly falls into the something is better than nothing category. Like many things, on the internet, not everything is good or in the case of Firearms safe!!! There are “MANY” examples of “YouTube Warriors” that provide false, misleading, and just unsafe information. Reasons why this is the case is beyond the scope of this post, however the video makers own education is the leading cause. We need quality assurance for what we watch to understand who is giving us safe and accurate information. We plan to outline and link to online training that we have reviewed and recommend as a guide. We will update this as we review others content and research their background.

Recommended Training:
Warrior Poet Society – John Lovell is the real deal. It is next to impossible to get online and book his in-person classes before they sell out. I have been trying for over a year now. Good news is there are two sources to receive and get a very small portion of John’s knowledge. He has a You Tube channel and a paid network that has a tremendous amount of training content on it. I personally subscribe to the paid network and the quality and content is absolutely worth it. Even though I have been shooting for almost my entire life I learn something new every time I log in.

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